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Mohammad Mardi

In the universe, what appeals to human desires, cheers man up and calm him; the cost of such calm sometimes manifests as dichotomies; to kill or to be killed, prevention or encouragement, violence or kindness, and resistance or surrender. among these unities of opposites, there are stimulant situations that reveals man's endurance. And "proliferation" turns into a force to concede the truth.







Mohsen Fouladpour

Death was always there but I had never seen him scream, laugh and devour human beings as he does. He would ride his black horse, each time in a different appearance, poisoning my heart with a smile and bringing misery to my life. His life was at the mercy of our death and you helplessly traded yours for a small flower. It was too late though and his black horse was too fresh to take you back so I was left in my lonesome, feeling lonelier than ever.












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