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Iranian Armenian Watercolor Painters

Shirin Gallery is pleased to present a selection of watercolor paintings by some of the Iranian Armenian masters such as Yervand Nehapetian, Michael (Misha) Shahbazian, Yessayi Shajanian, Sumbat Derkiverqian, Avak Hayrapetian, Hakop Vartanian.

Iranian Armenian artists have had a long and influential presence in the field of landscape painting, which has been a long development of the taste of artists and collectors interested in Iranian art. Also, the work of Iranian Armenians in many cases is a documentary of Iran’s landscapes and scenery.  

"The Watercolorists of Isfahan School continue the way that began with the watercolors of Mahmud Khan Malekol-Sho’ara during the long reign of Qajar Nasseroddin Shah when watercolor was applied not in small dots but large strokes and with a more flowing technique. Thematically the same method was carried on which depicted the mountains, bursts of sunshine, tile-decorated buildings, and ordinary people. The place and importance of this group of works are all the more significant if we take note of the fact that during the interval between Mahmud Khan and the watercolorists of Isfahan School there are few examples of depicting urban scenes and public places (as markets) in Persian painting. "
Part of the introduction of the book  "Selected paintings by Yervand Nehapetian" by Aidin Aghdashlou.