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Zahra Amiryeganeh

Shirin Gallery is proud to unveil a solo painting exhibition of Zahra Amiryeganeh titled Alluvium.

Zahra Amiryeganeh is graduated from Tehran  Art University in painting. Alluvium is her third solo exhibition at Shirin art gallery.  
Farzam Amin Salehi says about this exhibition :
The story of entangled moments in which the stone expands, is eaten away, opens up, welcomes decay, rusts, dies, and kills. "Blue" suits the text, colors the margin. The margin rusts. As though a coffin freezes in a grave. To keep on living in another form and place. The dunes stretch and contract. They flow like water in the veins of time. The windows, the doors, the shut pores. Time has stopped. Time has died. In the vein of water and after the wind. There is no soul in the houses and behind the pores, but a single human drowning. Not struggling, not visible, not hidden either. Exists in the void. Fades away in existence. Lies on the water, as though the water pushes him away and rejects his presence in its blue essence. One would imagine an entanglement of two voids. A division. A decomposition. Oh, that the story of life is like a labyrinth in which humans are an ever changing object. With an end unwritten in time and place. Engraved, flowing, like the flow of stone in water.
The current collection includes twenty-one paintings in experiencing a different form and content. The presence of repeated elements in the paintings that appear in a transformed body, give the collection a non-linear narrative, without making the plot and rhythm lost and unclear.
The painter embarks on a long journey in time and place and returns weary. The blue dots stick with him. The constant whispers are tuned in his body. The blue whispers, the silent whispers of the stone in water.



Group Exhibition

This land and and this era have taught us not to be concerned about emptiness and not to be delighted with our existence. We have understood to be gratified with this void. We are continuing to see the light
in the dark, and it's what brought about us to be resilient to our presence.

Sepideh Nouri

Shirin Gallery is proud to unveil a group Exhibition By the following Artists

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