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Moein Shafei

Introducing “The Samite –wearing Lady” Exhibition :
Fortunately, the history of Iran is rich with fresh and unexplored tales and it is such a regret nowadays most Iranian spend less time to read. It is sad that people with a long and ancient historical background are most often unaware of their past and it appears to them as fresh news whenever they hear it. Nonetheless, literature, history and even science have never been alone and it is on this point that art can prepare a path and join the audience with the veins of life.
After the experience of “The Beloveds of the Mirror Chamber” exhibition in April 2019, another exhibition has been held once again and based on another tale in the Iranian history, titled “The Memoires of the Samite Wearing Lady”. It is a story by looking at the real personality in Qajar History. A woman has always been restricted in her life decisions. This time too, as before, Moein Shafei  has gathered a number of artists to create a genuine picture by painting, imaging, graphic and materials composition  through adopting a free approach to another tale.
The goal is to exhibit untouched and fresh works based on an unexplored and fresh story in the Iranian history. Perhaps, it can serve as a motivation to direct audiences towards the history of their country. Along with viewing an art which strives to sustain its genuineness; for, the current society of visual arts in Iran is heading with not a slow paste to a direction which smells like loss of identity. Holding exhibitions such as “The Beloveds of Chamber of Mirror” and “The Memoires of the Samite-wearing Lady” are other efforts in achieving a simpler communication, free from intellectual copying condescension, with an audience frustrated from his distance with an art he is unable to grasp

The Memoires of the Samite-Wearing Lady
“What curse? I swear (to God) the murder of the King who was my brother and the blindness of his favorite wife were not because of my curses. If curse could solve anything, all my ancestors must have been destroyed by now. Oh, Great Amir…I know you did not desire to marry in this tragedy-stricken city. I, with all those servants, golden clothes and wealth did not wish to marry the son of a cook with no noble background either. Though, we had no other choice. It was a strict order and we were forced to obey. All my life I have never been enjoying any freedom in my affairs. My mother put my faith in the hands of my royal father and he, too, always viewed me as if like a ministerial tool. Whenever he wished, he would send me to the house of a new minister. I was a princess who had to be a first-time bride. They did whatever they wanted.
But they were unaware love would grow in our hearts like a tree, alas the game of power is a long habit in my family. I knew my mother well; she would always say: “Son of a cook? To be both a minister and the royal son-in-law?”
For that reason, I wore my clothes and went to exile with you. I would go with you even to the end of the world. You became a soul for my body and I was always afraid of the poisonous coffee which is the tradition of my family. I used to taste your food and drink before you touch them to ensure they are not poisonous, though, I was unaware the new custom of my family is trying the sharp blade. They took away my soul and my whole being was emptied from you. I would never leave you and even now, although you are not any more, I still do not depart from you. Oh, my Amir… You were the son of a cook who was worthy than thousands of boys who were born in wealthy mansions.”

Artists: Vahid Arian/ Shirin Babazadeh/ Afshin Bagheri/ Sepehr Bakhtiyari/ Sohayl Bastami/ Shakiba Parvaresh/ Mohsen Habibi/ Mona Hoseinzadeh/ Kaveh Khanabadi/ Tala Derangi/ Mahshid Raghemi/ Pejman Rahimizadeh/ Barana Sadat/ Moein Shafei/ Aban Salehi/ Ehsan Ziaee/ Kayvan Asgari/ Delaram Faghani/ Shoein Kashani/ Elaheh Keshavarz/ Amirali Momen/ Sajad Mirmoeini/ Arash Nazari/ Hamed Norouzi/ Dorsa hashemi



Nooshin Ipakchi

Shirin Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition, "Andarooni," Inside the courtyard, which features artworks by Nooshin Ipakchi. The show surveys the artist's recent series, Andarooni, or a flashback to old memories. The series engages with cultural and traditional early Iran and explores the Persian language's essence and humor. In these mixed-media and oil works on canvas, images combined with colorful motifs describe the spirit of verbal expressions.

"Growing up in Iran, we grew up exchanging all sorts of expressions and culture from an early age," writes Nooshin. "Seeing our parents and grandparents and the extreme changes in technology, the stories they told us from old Iran, had always created a nostalgia for me.  I have relearned forgotten stories along with many new ones. Then some became an image, an idea in my imagination."

The Andarooni series is very contemplative. It reflects the Ghajar mystical era with a twist of modern mood. It reveals the culture of over 100 years ago, representing the traditional history, as they go on a long journey searching for something that was within them all along and the liaison to the modern ages.

Nooshin Ipakchi born in 1942, Tehran, Iran, has held many solo and
group exhibitions throughout her professional years. To mention a few were Group Exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal 2015; Solo Exhibition in Golestan Gallery 2013 & 2017; Solo Exhibition in Art Center Gallery 2010; Solo Exhibition in Shirin Gallery, 2006, etc. Her current exhibition in Shirin Gallery includes 18 of her new works named The Memories of the Andarooni. She is currently living and working in Tehran, Iran

































































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