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Amir Rahsaz

Amir Rahsaz was born in Fars province. He grew up in a village near Persepolis, were his mind and memory began to boast of the role and designs of this historical memorial. After completing his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the University of Tehran in the fields of green space engineering and landscape design, he became interested in drawing and painting. Because of his skills in Sketch-Crockey and Rando, after graduating from university, he studied drawing, painting and sculpture under Alireza Asanloo for six years.
He has participated in several group exhibitions in galleries such as Saba, Khate-Sefid, etc.
Amir says:
From inside the black Iron, my sigh rises, and my voice echoes inside me.
Oops! I almost forgot; I’ve grown up and this black is of no more use in my plays.
I can’t get out; only and only can my suspiration.
I am stuck… we are stuck…
How long have we been here?
A day, a month, a year, a century?
And still that smell, from my childhood, fills me with the black Iron.
My mom shouts: “don’t get any closer, or you’ll get dirty.”
Sphinx approaches and I hide behind the black Iron.
I’m still hiding…



Elham Khakpash 

Born in Mashhad in 2004, Elham Khakpash began her art studies in sculpture from the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and her master's degree in art research from Tarbiat Modarres University. She is a member of the Sculptors Association and has participated in many group exhibitions and art festivals. The artist has produced numerous statues and Urban sculptures in her career and has won several awards at national competitions and festivals.

Elham Says:
We live in a world where everything is Pseudo. The art is Pseudo-art, economics is Pseudo-economics, education is Pseudo-education, education doesn't lead to salvation, and it locks the mind. Kindness is pseudo kindness, Pseudo-help, Pseudo-pleasure, talking is Pseudo-word, pseudo-humanity, being is pseudo being. Briefly, life is Pseudo-life and pseudo-reality. So how can soul improve itself in this world where everything is pseudo and fake? Which sculpture can be original and uplift the soul?!





























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