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Narrative Painter Farbod Morshedzadeh

Narrative Painter

Living in a borderless world without losing one's personal characteristics and responding to one's cultural needs according to the local cultural climate is one of the most important discursive undercurrents of our days. Iranian culture, through its unique political geography, has been influenced by various foreign cultures and cults since ancient times. But never it's been challenged as vehemently and ontologically as it is today by way of its relationship to European modernism. One century after the initial encounter with this strange substance, we are still involved with the repetitive attempt of our cultural intellectuals to either fend it off or revive and update Iranian traditional values in the face of it. This Exhibition is one instance of such attempts to revive the native culture without losing contact with the rest of the world. Here we try to revive the ancient tradition of Iranian illustration in service of a narrative content. We called for Iranian Artists, with their generally narrative and poetic sensibility, to illustrate their ideas in a simple way instead of narrating them and the result is presented as the works of this exhibition. The structure and composition of every painting can be considered as a narrative plot.


Farbod Morshedzadeh

August 2015


   First floor



   Second floor