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Mohammad Tabatabaei 

Shirin Gallery is proud to unveil a solo exhibition by Mohammad Tabatabaei titled The lost time.
Mohammad Tabatabaei, born in Tehran, Iran 1987, has a BA in sculpture from Tehran University of Art. He has many solo and group exhibitions and also has participated in Tehran Auction.
The lost time is his fourth solo painting exhibition, and As the artist says: ”The world was filled with terror, while there was war between the Hormuzd and Satan and no one was sure to be survived. Zurvan (God of Time and Destiny) sent his daughters with three-guard rhinoceroses to a lost time that no one knew about it. Zurvan promised to bring them back to the present when Hormuzd won, and goodness (love and kindness) would rule the earth. However, the girls and the rhinoceroses were imprisoned in perpetual anticipation.”





Hossein Zeynalpour

Shirin Gallery is proud to unveil a solo exhibition by Hossein Zeynalpour titled 
Seven Stones.
Hossein Zeynalpour
is born in Tehran, Iran 1982. He started painting seriously in 1997 by entering art school and continued until his bachelor's degree in painting from Tehran University of Science and Culture Tehran.
He began his career as an artist with his solo exhibition at Aun gallery in 2010. Historical themes with serious humor shaped his early collections.
He uses Linocut at the backgrounds of the artworks, which changes according to the subjects. The Linocut represents fabric patterns.
Seven Stones is his fifth solo exhibition which follows the previous collections depicting a magical realism world and history formed in the Game. The challenged in this exhibition is the chance (Dice). 
As he says:" What happens in the world makes me more convinced that we are in a game. "





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