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Hussain Jian


Jian works explain a space between reverie and wide-awakeness, which knits the color and light with a string of imagination, like weightlessness in sleep.
Jian is a veteran photographer who has been away from his homeland for years and is lesser known in Iran. At the beginning of his presence here, he took us to such a strange trip with an unknown but fantastic destination.
Hussain Jian gave wings to our imagination to fly over his art, creativity and beautiful mind.
Jian says: "I stitch the cloud and mist together like a sewing machine to make an outfit of illusion and haze…" He introduces us to the strange colors and takes us to the depth of the works. The shapes of his motives are whimsical like a dream, and if we look profoundly, it seems formidable.

Hussain Jian, born October 18, 1962, began photography at the age of 19 working with maestro Kamran Adl, one of the experts and virtuosos of portrait photography.
After many years of collaborations with and gaining experience in printing, and processing film, He started his career in different categories of photography.

He then joined Lorca Studio, which was directed by a well-known artistic photographer, Masoud Masoumiand continued his career in cooperation with Mohammad Hakkak and Ebrahim Haghighi.

In 1988 he moved to UAE because of a job opportunity and continued his career with Faramarz Beheshti, one of the best photographers in the Middle East. During those years he assimilated dramatically toHoushang Nezami's, a well-known international photographer.

With his passion for his profession and despite many obstacles in his way, he established his first studio named "Black and White" in Dubai, which was the starting point of his collaborations with enterprise brands and companies.

This show will be his first exhibition after years in Diaspora and survey the artist's recent works and installations.


Shirin Ettehadieh

In Absence of 

Shirin Ettehadieh 
who graduated from “École du Louvre,” founded “Negarkhaneh Azad,” an art gallery and personal studio, in 1993 in Tehran.

Shirin believes she is inspired by her surroundings unconsciously, and the colors in her paintings are the means of connection with her unconsciousness.

"The mystery hidden in color black is very obvious in my artworks," says Shirin, "I have named this series In the absence of Human since there is no personage in these paintings."

Shirin Ettehadieh, 
born in 1946 in Iran, started her career at an early age, and as an artist, she has participated in many group exhibitions and art fairs both locally and internationally as well as solo shows and has been actively selling her works. The show surveys Shirin's recent works, which depict flowers and landscape in an abstracted form.









































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