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Flatland Project is based on the book Flatland by Edwin Abbott, first published in 1884. A book, which after more than 130 years, continuous to stimulate the mind of young people and, thus, remain fresh. “Flatland” is a two-dimension world, and “Square”, an inhabitant of this land, tells us the story of his life and recounts his experiences in the one-dimensional and the three-dimensional worlds and beyond. The Flatland Project has been developed aspiring to create a link between literature and the visual arts. The exhibits here are interpretations of the book by the fresh imaginations of eight young artists. The project did not end with the exhibit as in the effort to create one harmonious spectacle it led to hours of dialogue, cooperation, friendship and hard work. The eight artists, each skilled in a different art media, have created their art works by substantiating their interpretation of the book.

Alireza Keymanesh
Amir Bahador Falahati
Amir Pousti
Farshad Xajeh Nassiri
Golnoosh Heshmati
Maryam Keshmiri
Pedram Sadegh Beyki
Vajid Amini

I would also like to specially thank Farnaz Haery who accompanied us most of the way.

Golbarg Barzin



Ehsan Ziaee

... Ast o Bas

Iranians are experts in all that exists.

The sheer difference between what we are and what we think we are, based on the highlights in Iranians' moral and cultural characteristics, led to the creation of this collection.

Ehsan Ziaee
Spring 2017


























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