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Soheil Mokhtar's Paintings, evident at the very first glance, are not as the usual landscapes.
Mokhtar’s landscapes present a different kind of scene. They are not there to predict anything but to solely narrate the misery of the landscapes. We have seen the beauty of this misery and hunted its pleasure and now its corpse makes us both gloomy and curious. It seems as though he is sadly and gloriously showing us all the incidents he has lived through. They resemble a thorough tragedy or a thorough forecast of a tragedy. Although providing considerable details, we are left with a vague impression. Its vagueness is similar to the vagueness of the quasi-mythological figures which have been stuck in his works here and there. These figures seem to be the dross of the landscape, not the remaining of the incident, but the dross of the misery. They are the ghosts becoming a part of the history of the landscape and have not been recycled in the cycle of nature’s soul; they cannot and will not be recycled.
Mokhtar’s landscapes reveal another aspect of nature. They convey a language or dialect of nature which have either been forgotten or not been discovered yet. On the spur of the moment, you are faced with a seemingly mythological scene which has not been seen so far. This place is where we have searched for years but could not find; yet, suddenly, it shouts the silence right in front of our very eyes. This is the silence in which we have lost ourselves and a sorrow from which we are about to suffer one day.

Vahid Sharifian 



Nature always implies a nostalgic sense in us. Our lives are increasingly get a far from the natural landscapes, those which we destroy albeit our childlike concernity to it.
I see nature as a set of contrasts, an infinite fluidity in which everything, from forms to colors, changes every moment incessantly within absolute silence. Lights within shades, petites within giant perspectives, warmth within coldness, chaos within absolute order…
Nature painting is a unique experience. You should choose one, among several endless landscapes and paint while nature besieges you. 
This collection is my scribbles of these landscapes. I have not been faithful to any objectivity, form, of composition of colors, as nature it is so.
My paintings are only reflections of my inner senses of what I see in nature that I have chosen and try to be loyal to.

Afshin Nikravesh