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Mojtaba Tajik

For those who are not familiar with Mojtaba Tajik’s background as a painter, I only point out the fact that he entered this realm from photography. In his work, significance of photography is more than just a realistic technique. From the beginning, he was aware of the importance of composition in creating images and tied a major part of his visual approach to restrained painted frames and the objects that were somehow trapped in them.

Mojtaba tajik is of the few contemporary artists who has denoted his artistic identity by recounting the visual memory of the middle class. In his earlier paintings, the stack of small and constricted boxes along with the objects they held, narrated symbolic stories of this class: solitude, isolation, trapped paper rockets, burnt flights and small and familiar objects that flew past our eyes and landed in the absolute darkness of the boxes.

His recent series displayed in this exhibition, however, could be considered as a clear conversion from his familiar world. In his new choice of objects - limited to clothes hung from hangers - the objects have fled the darkness of boxes and sat on wide and lit but concrete and cold backgrounds. Does this new approach imply the fact that Tajik has convinced himself to leave his familiar tight frames and move out to the cold but exposed outside world? Or maybe this dislocation only explains how he extends his personal limitations to the free world outside? I leave it up to the smart audience of this exhibition to make a decision. But I, personally, rather stand in front of these paintings and fantasize. As if some kind of music is heard from behind the clothes and the walls. A kind of music that is soft but not sad, inviting you to put on your clothes and get ready, as if a party is to begin…

Kourosh Safinia

Fall 2017